Sweets sweets and more sweets!

Hello sweets lovers!
I haven’t written here in what seems like forever! I have been so crazy busy with pastry orders and work! Which is amazing. I am beyond blessed to do what I love in life! So here are some new things:

I now have a mailing list via email for customers! People on the list will be first to know about new flavors, pastries and deals. They will also be given the opportunity to purchase items at discounts! If you want to be added, all you have to do is send me your email!

I have created an updated price sheet! If anyone is interested in getting a copy, just send me your email address! I would be more than happy to send it on over to you :) And remember, I ship anywhere in the US :)

Scones are TAKING OFF! Like..seriously. I cannot believe the amount of people that are literally addicted to my scones. I have over 30 flavors, savory and sweet. I have people at work that literally wait 20 minutes just for my scones..because they are still in the oven. Scones are traditionally a dry pastry. That doesn’t fly with me. If you are going to order scones from me..they are going to be moist and delicious!

I have purchased a giant cupcake cake pan to add to my pan collection ! $20 gets you a delicious homemade jumbo cupcake:):) WHO wouldn’t want that?!

I have started to look into baking homemade, hopefully organic cat treats. We have two furry children of our own, and I would love to be able to make them some goodies and know what is in them. I also know A LOT of people who also have cats, who would want the same!

I am sure there is more..but for now that is all I can think of! I hope you all are staying warm with this crazy cold rain we are having!

Stay Sweet!


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